• The Physical Education Department bring out the budding professional and make them
  • Physically, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually top in their field.
  • This can be   realized through intensive sporting programmers and excellent sporting facilities.
  • The college provides such an environment which facilitates the optimal efficiency  and effectiveness for the emerging dynamic students.
  • The college provides the best sporting coaching facilities to groom the enormous potential lying hidden among the students.
  • The College provides education outside the Classroom which includes Health, Safety and Discipline



  • The Physical education department makes efforts to make the students physically as well as mentally fit by giving proper guidance and training.





  • After the admission, a circular is sent to all the first year departments asking their area of interest in sports and games.
  • A circular is issued requesting students to inform about their school/college level participation (i.e. whether they have played district, divisional, national level.)
  • The Physical Directress has the option to associate National or State level coaches to impart training for various sports and games.
  • As per the management’s approval, few students are admitted through sports quota and are eligible to participate in team sports without selection procedure.




  • The students are formed as batches for every event and the training are given under the guidance of Physical Directress.
  • Wherever special practices are required, Specialist in that particular game/event is called to train the students.
  • The training / practice are planned, without disturbing the classes. Wherever special training/practice is required, the same is intimated to the concerned HOD and the permission is obtained to permit the students.



  • Soon after the date and venue of the event is finalized, the candidates are short listed as teams with sufficient number of substitutes, for each event.
  • Then a final list is prepared with respect to the year, event, and department.
  • The Physical Directress informs the concerned faculty-in-charge, HOD and Principal about the events.
  • The students are asked to fill the OD forms for taking part in the events. It is approved by Physical Directress and submitted to the concerned HOD and faculty-in-charge.
  • Depending upon the number of students the transport is arranged for the students.



  • After returning from the Inter-College Sports Event, the Physical Directress prepares a detailed Sports event report, which consists of the events (sports & games) in which the students have participated, the number of rounds they won, the prizes won with the list of prize winners.
  • The report is given to the Principal within 5 days after completion of the event.




  • Every year during the month of February, SHRI SHANKARLAL SUNDARBAI SHASUN JAIN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, celebrates the Sports day.
  • Participating students are split into batches depending upon their proficiency in the events.
  • The Physical Directress discusses with Principal and HODs to chart out the dates for each event (Sports & Games) without affecting any of the classes. It is displayed in the College and Department notice board.
  • Outside referees (wherever required) are invited to help in the conduct of events.
  • The faculty members are also given responsibilities like conducting matches, short listing the candidates for conducting events.
  • The students in the Sports Committee are formed in batches and they are given work like marking the courts, making the ground ready for matches and helping to conduct events.
  • During the conduct of matches and other events , the staff nurse inside the college campus is intimated and made available near the tournament venue, so that incase of any injury it can be treated immediately.
  • After making all the necessary arrangements, the matches/events are conducted as per the schedule and the names of the winning team/ candidates are noted down.
  • In-case of any natural calamities like flood, the students are informed as to when the particular or group of sports events would be conducted.
  • The short listing of running and other events are completed before the Sports Day.



  • The Sports day is conducted in February, which would not affect the completion of syllabus.
  • The Chief Guest and other delegates are invited in advance and their participation in the Sports Day is confirmed.
  • Sports Day starts with march past by the students. They take affirmation flag oath at end of the march past.
  • After March past, the flag hoisting is done by the Chief Guest.
  • Few display events (like throwing events, aerobics, yoga etc) are conducted on that day.
  • After the matches and events are over, the certificates are prepared and duly signed by the Physical Directress, Principal and Chairman.
  • After the conclusion of the events, the certificates along with cups/medals are presented to winners and runners up.
  • Function ends with the National Anthem.