English – ( Shift I )


The English Department commenced in the year 2005. English language fluency is important both in studies and career. The department aims to produce competent and knowledgeable graduates who have acquired relevant language and literary skills and knowledge of English that would enable them to meet and adapt effectively to the demands of a changing global society, especially in the fields of language, literature, and education. Since its inception, the Department has acted as a beacon of hope for the students. It not only imparts soft skills; it focuses on Communicative English skills to help students improve their command of the language. The new syllabus focuses more on listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This year, a mandatory course called Professional English for Commerce and Management, Life Sciences, Physical sciences, Arts, and Sciences has also started to familiarise students with the vocabulary of their subjects.

The main aim of teaching English is to empower future graduates to function effectively in their future globalised workplace environments.  The students are evaluated through a range of assessment strategies such as student presentations, mid-term tests, quizzes, course assignments, project work, and written final examination. Online lectures, Film screenings, workshops, seminars, competitions (inter and intra). Literary club activities etc. make up our calendar.

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