“SHASUN SWeTCH” – Mobile App for E-Waste management
(Copyright of Mobile App on 15/01/2018)

Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College for Women, T.Nagar is strengthening its culture of active and experiential learning in the area of its academic programs and thus more effectively prepares student for success in the College and Career beyond. Shasun College plays an important role in promoting a hygienic environment and the perfectly clean campus stands testimony to it.

With this idea in mind, the College has designed a mobile app called “SWeTCH”, which is used to collect the E-Waste materials, from in and around our surroundings. This app is used to collect both valuable materials, which are no longer used, as well as hazardous materials which require special handling and recycling methods. Shasun Jain College signed MoU with Virogreen India Pvt. Ltd on 27th March 2017.  People can encash their E-Waste products by downloading the app (Shasun Swetch) from the Google play store.


Procedure to install the Mobile App from Play Store

Step 1 : Install the App named ShasunSwetchApp.
Step 2 : Register the user name.
Step 3 : Login into the Mobile App with username and password.
Step 4 : Enter the E-waste product details and pick up time.
Step 5 : The person will come and collect the E-waste at your door step in the specified date and time

The entire credit of developing the Mobile App SHASUN SWeTCH goes to the B.Sc Computer Science students (2014-2017) namely P.PADMASHREE, S.HEMALATHA and A.AARTHI under the guidance of Dr. M. Anita Indu and Ms. S. Sridevi.



Safety in your hands

SHASUN RAKSHA is an android based mobile application for the safety and security of Women developed by the students of  II BCA – Shift II. This app can be downloaded from Google play store and can be activated by shaking the Smartphone whenever a woman is in dangerous situation. This mobile application identifies the location of the victim through GPS and sends an alert message comprising the location URL to the registered contacts and also places a call to the first registered contact to help the one in dangerous situation. This facilitate to find the location of the victim quickly and can be rescued safely.

SHASUN RAKSHA was launched on 10.04.2018. The Chief Guest of the day was Ms. GOWRI KAILASAM President, Rane (Madras) Ltd,