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E – Resources


E-Journals (Full text)
  • American Institute of Physics (18 titles)
  • Annual Reviews (33 titles)
  • Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) (1 titles)
  • Indian Journals (180+ titles)
  • Institute of Physics (46 titles)
  • JSTOR (2500+ titles)
  • Oxford University Press (206 titles)
  • Royal Society of Chemistry (29 titles)
  • H. W. Wilson (3000+ titles)
  • Cambridge University Press (224 titles) [2010-2016]
  • Cambridge Books Online (1800 titles)
  • E-brary (125000+ titles)
  • EBSCoHost-Net Library (936 titles)
  • Hindustan Book Agency (65+ titles)
  • Institute of South East Asian Studies(ISEAS) Books (382+ titles)
  • Oxford Scholarship (1402+ titles)
  • Springer eBooks (2300 titles)
  • Sage Publication eBooks (1000 titles)
  • Taylor Francis eBooks (1800 titles)
  • Myilibrary-McGraw Hill (1124 titles)
  • World -ebooks Library (30,00,000 titles)
  • South Asia Archive (though NDL)


ProQuest databases provides a single source for schorly journals, newspaper, reports, working papers, and datasets along with millions of pages of digitized historical primary sources and more than 450,000 ebooks.

  • E-Books Central-Academic Complete Access to 1 lakh 45,000+Multi publishers books online ebooks from over 700 leading publishers. Access via IP addess & remote 24/7 through ipads, ipod touch, iphones, kindles etc.
  • Proquest Research Library It contains access to scholarly journals, newspaper,magazines,dissertations,working papers &market reports, 500+ multipublishers covered.. It covers 150+ subjects.

Paper published by faculties

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The Project entitled “National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST)”, was jointly executed by the e-ShodhSindhu Consortium, INFLIBNET Centre and the INDEST-AICTE Consortium, IIT Delhi provides for i) cross-subscription to e-resources subscribed by the two Consortia, i.e. subscription to INDEST-AICTE resources for universities and e-ShodhSindhu resources for technical institutions; and ii) access to selected e-resources to colleges. The N-LIST project provides access to e-resources to students, researchers and faculty from colleges and other beneficiary institutions through server(s) installed at the INFLIBNET Centre. The authorized users from colleges can now access e-resources and download articles required by them directly from the publisher’s website once they are duly authenticated as authorized users through servers deployed at the INFLIBNET Centre.


N-LIST: Four Components

The project has four distinct components, i.e. i ) to subscribe and provide access to selected e-ShodhSindhu e-resources to technical institutions (IITs, IISc, IISERs and NITs) and monitor its usage; ii) to subscribe and provide access to selected INDEST e-resources to selected universities and monitor its usage; iii) to subscribe and provide access to selected e-resources to 6,000 Govt./ Govt.-aided colleges and monitor its usage; and iv) to act as a Monitoring Agency for colleges and evaluate, promote, impart training and monitor all activities involved in the process of providing effective and efficient access to e-resources to colleges.

The INDEST and UGC-INFONET are jointly responsible for activity listed at i) and ii) above. The INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad is responsible for activities listed at iii) and iv) above. The INFLIBNET Centre is also responsible for developing and deploying appropriate software tools and techniques for authenticating authorized users.


From Year 2014, NLIST Programme is subsumed under e-ShodhSindhu Consortium as college Component.The colleges (except Agriculture, Engineering, Management, Medical, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Nursing) in india are eligible to get access e-resources under NLIST Programme


Current Status

As on Jan 9 2020, a total number of 3375 Govt. / Govt.-aided colleges covered under the section 12B of UGC Act as well as Non-Aided colleges . Log-in ID and password for accessing e-resources has been sent to the authorized users from these 3375 colleges. All e-resources subscribed for colleges under the N-LIST Project are now accessible to these 3375 colleges through the N-LIST website (