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Festival of lights begins a month before the day arrives. Shopping ethnic dresses for each one of the family members from grandpa to grandchild, children wait for their father to buy them crackers and mothers will start listing items for the provisions to make Diwali special through finger licking sweets and foods.  Such a beautiful festival of hindu’s celebrated will be shared to other religion creating bonds with neighbors’.  As the days fly a week before Diwali will be like a huge flood hitting the retail stores, were people will be flooded to buy their last minute purchase. The crowded crackers shops were they meet their long time friends and office colleagues which makes each day a memory.

Eve of Diwali will be like no patience to wait for the day, here and there crackers sounds before the festival, that’s Diwali specials. Then the day comes with morning oil bath, blessings from grandparents, grooming ourselves with the new cloth which gives us the feel that we had never worn a new dress before, then pooja with hungry stomach and urge to start celebrating diwali by bursting crackers. At last together we eat as a family and keep our foot out and start bursting our favorite cracker first that wakes up many. This is called as a celebration by wishing all “Happy Diwali” with a bright Smile.

“Festival of lights not just a belief but it creates bonds, lights up many life’s in retail and also gives a blissful memory to cherish.”


24 Oct 2022