Health and Hygiene for Women at Workplaces

Managing health and hygiene at home is easy, but in an external environment like offices, it is important to be in control rather than be controlled. Without proper care, women face great health risks.

Following some basic habits can go a long way for women to maintain good health in the workplace –

  • Eating healthy, nutritious meals ensures the body is healthy and happy. To feel active and keep the energy flow, a good balanced meal plays an active part.
  • Drinking enough water every day is important. It helps to flush toxins from the body.
  • Exercise is especially important for women to keep aches & pains at bay. House work is not equivalent to exercise. Keeping the muscles strong can go a long way in ensuring good health even at an older age.
  • Keeping track of the menstrual cycle enables one to be prepared especially in the office. In recent times, there are many online tracking apps available.
  • During periods, it’s important to eat right, drink lots of water, change regularly and wash up to remain fresh and clean.

What can a workplace do to make it more comfortable for women?

  • Workplaces can provide dispensers for sanitary napkins/tampons.
  • Provide regular cleaning staff who can ensure clean and dry closets are ready and available.
  • Dustbins with lids for proper disposal of waste.
  • Support groups to address issues specific to women’s health and safety.
  • Organise workshops to sensitize women on health, hygiene and safety measures.
  • Canteens can offer more healthy options rather than fast food.
  • Clean drinking water dispensers at convenient locations.
  • Conduct surveys among women staff to ascertain the challenges faced.

No compromise should be made when it come to health and hygiene. Following these simple health practices can be helpful for a sustainable lifestyle. Women are at a greater risk of compromising their health and hygiene due to unfavourable conditions, lifestyle choices, privacy, lack of facilities etc. It is important to raise awareness and join hands to ensure every workplace provides safe and hygienic conditions for the women in the workforce.


23 Feb 2022