Health and Hygiene for Women at Workplaces

Hustling through life’s challenges, a woman wears different hats fitting into versatile roles. While constantly juggling between “the family life” and the “professional world”, it’s necessary to be conscious about certain health and hygiene practices. From puberty to pregnancy then old age, a women undergoes numerous changes bodily. While these changes occur, health and hygiene habits becomes a very prominent part in day to day life. A good lifestyle consists of a nutritious diet, exercise routine and a neat and clean body and environment.

A large population of working women come across this issue – absence of proper sanitary facilities, lack of privacy, poor awareness, lack of guidance and more. Typically women are threatened by lack of clean, dry toilets and the larger issue of insufficient facilities for & awareness of menstrual hygiene. Compromised hygiene can result in ulcers, UTI, fungal and bacterial infections, cervical cancer and more.

Following some basic habits can go a long way for women to maintain good health in the workplace –

  • Wash hands properly and regularly.
  • Good posture is very important to avoid aches and pains. Desk jobs can cause great harm to the back and shoulders. Every 20 minutes it is important to just get up and move a little before sitting again.
  • Wearing a clean outfit and neatly tied hair is indeed necessary at the workplace. Women’s hair tend to fall sometimes, it’s not a very pleasant sight for the customer or colleague to find hairs scattered around.
  • Carrying hygiene kit in for a quick grooming on the go is a great tool to have. Things like a small mirror, sanitizer , comb, perfume and mouth freshener may come as quick solution to freshen oneself on a stressful workday.
  • It’s wonderful to be fond of wearing heels, but this might not be preferable if the work demands standing for long hours. This could lead to health problems like back pain, ankle strain etc. Choose the correct footwear for the day ahead.
  • Use the restroom whenever you need to. ‘Holding it in’ can cause many complications to a woman’s body.
  • Dispose waste in the dustbins properly. Leaving the restroom in a clean and tidy manner, ready for the next woman is important and a good practice to adopt.


23 Feb 2022