In Chennai Pongal is celebrated in a grand manner since most offices are closed and it is an opportunity for families to spend quality time together and go out. Almost every area is Chennai cherish these four days to the fullest.

One such area in Chennai where Pongal is blissfully celebrated is T Nagar. As a shopping hub, huge crowds from villages and smaller towns arrive to make the best of the sales. Since the harvest has just been reaped, farmers are flush with funds and ready to splurge for their families. What way to do this than to buy sarees, clothes, jewellery, appliances and much more.

Not just large shops and establishments, even the road side vendors have something new to offer during Pongal. A whole barrage of new vendors show up selling banana leaves, neem flowers, assorted flowers for pooja, sugarcane, and everything one might need to celebrate Pongal successfully.


19 Jan 2022