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Retail Employees – Backbone of a Business

Business is tricky. There is a profit also there is a loss. Everyone is trying very hard to make profit. And employees are playing a main role in making profit in every retail business. They are the backbones and the pillars, who are trying their very best to grow the business. Employees hold the relationship with the customer, which makes the customers to come to the same shop forever. In India Retail Employees’ Day is celebrated on the 12th of December every year, to encourage every employee for their relentless efforts.

All employees deserve their own day, that is on December 12. That day is to appreciate all the employees, which will give them a boost to work more. They left their families miles away, they left their hometown and came to a new place to work. They face so many problems everyday. Every customer is not the same. They manage all the customers and give their best service. Even Though they stand throughout the day, they don’t show their tiredness in their face. They welcome all the customers with a great smile on their face. So, of course they deserve their own day.


12 Dec 2022

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