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Silk is something very special and significant to India, especially in South India. The biggest and most notable commercial business that started in Panagal Park since 1923 and still endures as the hub for the silk sarees and silk apparel in Chennai city is Nalli Silks. Nalli Silks is the 1st shop to introduce such special silks.  With its Art Deco construction and old world charm, you feel transported back in time as you step in through the doorway. Through the years not much has changed except the electrical fittings perhaps and the motto of the shop. The most unique thing which everyone admires the most about Nalli silk is they have a very unique collection of silk sarees. You can’t find the same piece of saree which you bought before.

Another good aspect of Nalli is the salesperson who works there. They are very patient and take good care of customers’ needs. The Façade of the building remains the same as it was when they first opened their doors to the city of Madras. It became custom for the people to choose Nalli as the best choice for silk sarees. On the inside, sitting on those wooden benches and viewing exquisite sarees and sipping on some hot tea, you wonder if at some point your grandparents would have done the same.


01 Nov 2022