The purpose of this procedure is to explain the activities carried out by the IT In-charge in SHRI SHANKARLAL SUNDARBAI SHASUN JAIN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN.


Providing access rights to the employees, attending machine faults, back-up of critical information comes under the scope of this procedure.


The IT In-Charge is responsible for the activities carried out in this procedure.


Principal / ADMIN & HEAD – HR are authorized to take decisions regarding access controls (i.e. which departmental employee can have access to which folders / information) and ensuring that the relevant policies that are formulated for keeping the information database is secure.



  • The accesses permission / rights given to accounts department systems is restricted.
  • Once a request is raised for creating an email ID for the new joining employee in the organization, the same is created and the details of the same are passed on to ADMIN & HEAD – HR / Principal.
  • After the email ID and access rights are defined, the new user is instructed to change the password at the time of first login.
  • In SHRI SHANKARLAL SUNDARBAI SHASUN JAIN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN the email server is synchronized with Google so that access to the mails is easier for employees.
  • Unauthorized accesses and access logs are monitored on a weekly basis.
  • After getting an official mail from HR & Admin department, the concerned employee’s access rights is removed.
  • The IT In-charge takes down the backup details of that particular employee and removes the access rights and takes control of the official mail-id(in case of any) given to the employee for future reference.
  • The IT In-charge takes backup before the particular employee leaves the organization and stores the data of that employee on an external hard disk and removes the access rights and takes control of the official email-id (in case it is given) (given to the employee at the time of working for discharging their official duties) for future reference.
  • All the systems in campus is identified by a Unique Id and these details are maintained separately department wise both in hard copy.
  • As per the preventive maintenance schedule it had being carried out every six months in all the areas.
  • Logs are maintained for all the maintenance activities that are carried in SHRI SHANKARLAL SUNDARBAI SHASUN JAIN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN.
  • The IT In-charge attends to a complaint after the same is updated in the Call Log Register or the same is received as a complaint through e-mail from the particular employee. The status of the same is also updated after the call is attended to mentioning the status of the call that is logged.
  • The IT In charge takes daily back up portal which keeps running inside the campus.
  • Restoration checks of the backup data are also carried out periodically.
  • The IT In-charge does all the software installation processes in SHRI SHANKARLAL SUNDARBAI SHASUN JAIN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN.
  • If any user/employee wants to install new software, the concerned employee will need to get the approval from her concerned HOD/Principal.
  • System Admin maintains the list of all those websites that are not allowed to be accessed from the systems or network in SHRI SHANKARLAL SUNDARBAI SHASUN JAIN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN.
  • In case any resource is found to have visited an unauthorized website, he/she will be subject to disciplinary action set by the management of SHRI SHANKARLAL SUNDARBAI SHASUN JAIN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN.
  • A dedicated list of 10 IPs is being maintained in the college. If any of this IPs is configured in any user’s system then those users would have access to all websites.
  • Regarding sites being blocked if any request arises from users that particular sites will be added to approved site list on approval from the Principal.
  • The External back up stored in hard disk is kept outside the college premises to handle natural or manmade disasters.
  • Other than the activities mentioned above, the following activities are carried out by the IT In-charge:
  1. UPS logs are maintained in softcopy. Service reports for the same are filed & kept.
  2. ISP service issues – are reported through telephonic call or by mail and reference or Service call number that is received is maintained and followed-up until the call is attended to by the service provider representative. Mail communications trails for the same is maintained.
  3. Images of systems maintained for laptops and labs in the college are maintained and in case any system crashes the system is replicated from the image within a short period of time. The Images are stored in an external hard disk drive.
  4. Stocks Verification for spares that is maintained by the IT department for systems is carried out every year and a report for the same is submitted to principal and management.
  5. If any components go missing in labs and in classrooms, it is identified and then the same is reported to the principal and management of the institution.
  6. The systems and LCDs are checked and turned off in-case they are found to be ‘on’ after college working hours.
  7. If product or component fails it will be checked for warranty status. Whether the product is in warranty, gate pass will be prepared and will be send for replacement.
  8. Students attendance Log register is maintained for all the labs in SHRI SHANKARLAL SUNDARBAI SHASUN JAIN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN.
  9. Tally and payroll back up is taken daily by accounts department in accounts server (i.e. system 1) which is kept in the accounts department and copied onto system II. Once in ten days the back up from System II is copied on to an external hard disk.
  10. Look N Learn (LNL) data and videos archives and photographs are maintained on the external hard disk.
  11. Photographs & video archives of previous academic years are also maintained in the external hard disk.
  12. E-content for all the classrooms is maintained on external hard disk and another copy of the same is maintained on a compact disk (i.e. CD).
  13. A LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LMS) portal is run for administration purpose. The backups for this application is taken daily and maintained on the external hard disk.
  14. All employees mail back-ups are maintained on the external hard disk.
  15. Periodic Virus scan will be carried out for all the systems.
  16. For renewing the software, quotations are asked for and received from 3 vendors and compared before an order is placed to the vendor.
  17. For renewing the annual maintenance for firewall, quotations are asked for from 3 vendors and is compared before an agreement is entered into with the vendor.
  18. News and publication published in media and news papers for previous academic years is maintained in soft copy and back-ups of the same is also taken in the external hard disk.
  19. NAAC final draft soft copy is maintained in external hard disk.
  20. SIFE projects are also being maintained in external hard disk.


  • ERP Server (Shasun e-Varsity – Staff & Student Portal) maintenance and backup are done once in a month.
  • RFID was implemented in library management systems and it is integrated with ERP also. Backup and virus scan for the same are done once in a month.
  • DHCP Server maintenance also carried out by the IT In-charge to assign the IP address and IP reservation to the VIP category users.
  • College campus is equipped with many CCTV cameras. All the maintenance activities like Time error management, File management, Camera position management, emergency file recovery are carried out by IT In-charge.
  • Signage server management activities like time scheduling, content allocation & uploading, play list creation are also carried out by IT department.