Associate Secretary’s Message

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Rising steadily from a very modest beginning point, SHRI SHANKARLAL SUNDARBAI SHASUN JAIN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN has now grown into a prominent educational institution making learning a cheerful reality for many erudite minds.

Over the years, Shasun College has made innumerable, positive contributions to the academic circles. Our students, proudly identified as SHASUNEONS amongst us, have taken it upon themselves to deliver their best versions at various intra- and inter-collegiate competitions, and have won laurels for the same. A youthful student community, sprightly and savvy, backed up a qualified faculty community, solid and sorted, has jointly led us through the institution’s path towards its grandness today. It is sheer passion and commitment put into the art of educating that has made it possible for us to ascend heights, touched never before.

The dream of becoming a world-class academic institution continues on and I solicit your support in the affirmation of the same as we tread on a long, long journey. Everyone under the Shasun umbrella is in fact, instrumental in the spirited pursuit of this dream. Come, let us all bind ourselves to the right course of action and stay determined in providing a learning experience that encourages versatility and scholarship.

– Harish L Metha, (Associate Secretary)