International Archery World Championship

2nd to 4th Dec 2017

19th to 21st Jan 2018

4th to 12th April 2018


Kamana Ashok Kumar of II Bcom CS has won the following prizes in Archery.

18/06/2017 Hu archery
championship edition-4
1st place.

25/06/2017 Hu archery
championship edition-5
1st place.

02/07/2017 Hu archery
championship edition-6
2nd place.

Nearly 400 Students enthusiastically enrolled their names to participate in this event. They were informed that, Level-I Archery certificate will be provided to those who participated.

Two hour session was conducted by Mr.Shihaan Hussaini to delve into their minds and assess their general fitness to find out whether they are really fit enough to survive in the mission. The session comprised introduction, one to one conversation and a few fitness exercises.

The Mission Archery-2020 is a big initiative made by the management in the motive of bagging a medal in Tokyo Olympics. The initial process started with a motivational speech by Mr.Shihaan Hussaini Director of HU Archery mission. After the talk, the students were informed to register their names.

Since the students of shift-II were not aware of the mission, decision was taken to address the students class by class, Mr.Shihaan Hussaini was accompanied by Physical Director, Council in-charge, Marker, Attender and Council Members. The purpose of the first activity was to make all the students aware of the program.

Every day practice session starts with warming up, stretching exercises, practice with bow & arrow and ends with competition amongst themselves.