Policies General


A student duly admitted into a course shall continue her study for the full duration of the course i.e., Three Years for UG course/ Two years in PG. If the student discontinues her studies she shall pay the fees due, for the balance period of course to obtain Transfer Certificate and the Conduct Certificate.

The college does not collect any money other than the prescribed college fees. Collecting money by any student on behalf of the college or for any program in the name of the college without specific written permission of the Principal is prohibited.

Students have to contact the Principal’s Office for Leave, Transfer Certificate, Conduct Certificate, Degree Certificate, Testimonials and other student enquiries through their department HOD. Application for bus pass and Railway pass can be obtained from the office. Those who would like to meet the Principal may do so during the tea break or after their class hours on all working days.

All communication to the students will be put up on the Notice Board and also will be announced in the speakers. Every student shall see the Notice Board regularly for necessary information.

To maintain the sanctity of the college the students are to bring and consume ONLY VEGETARIAN FOOD at the college premises.

Students and Parents/Guardians shall strictly adhere to the rules and regulations listed below. Any act of breaking or failing these rules may lead to serious consequences such as fine, suspension from attending classes and even dismissal depending on the severity of the offence.

Personal Belongings

Students should avoid bringing any jewellery, valuables or huge amounts of cash into the campus. If anything is lost , the Management, Principal and Staff shall not be responsible for the same.

Academic Guidelines

Attendance and Leave

  • Every student shall attend all the lectures , practical classes and all the tests and examinations without fail.
  • No retest will be conducted under any circumstances.
  • Attendance for sports activity is also compulsory.
  • The leave letter duly signed by the parent/ guardian has to be submitted before the student proceeds on leave.
  • If the leave is not availed in advance, then the leave letter has to be submitted on the day she attends her class.
  • Absence for more than three days has to be explained with documentary evidence by the student.
  • Medical leave has to be supported by a medical certificate and fitness certificate from a registered Medical Practitioner.
  • A minimum of 75% attendance is essential for becoming eligible to appear for the University End Semester Examination, as per norms. (Submission of medical certificates for leave of absence on medical grounds does not make the student automatically eligible for condonation of attendance on medical grounds to appear for the examination.) Parents are requested to go through the periodical reports sent to them and interact at least once in a semester in person with the Class Teacher / HOD/ Principal to know their wards performance and behaviour.



Prior permission in writing should be obtained from the Principal:

  • To participate in TV /Radio programmes.
  • To give interview in the media.
  • To appear in talk shows, reality shows or interview in the Media.
  • To respond to any queries for the press or electronic media regarding any aspect of the college.
  • No student will be permitted to leave the campus during the class hours.
  • Students are not permitted to have visitors in the college.
  • The college telephone may be used only for urgent calls with the permission of the department in charge.
  • Students of the college are strictly forbidden from participating in political agitations of all kinds.

Administrative Norms


The students are expected to pay the fees for the entire academic year within the stipulated time. If failed to do so, the student’s name shall be taken off from the Student roll without notice.

Change of Address and Contact Details

A student who shifts residence and has her contact details changed has to report the new address and contact details to the HOD/Principal within three days to effect the change in the college records.

Identity Card

Each student is issued an identity card with her photo affixed on it duly attested by the Principal. This has to be produced on demand. The student has to wear the ID card always while in Campus. ID is necessary to become a member in the library and to enter into the examination hall. Loss of ID card should be immediately reported at the Principal’s office and procure a new one on payment of Rs. 100.

Health Check Up

Every student in the I-year shall undergo a medical inspection during the first term of the academic year. A physical examination report on every student will be filed in the college office.

Tests and Examinations

  • Disciplinary action will be taken against absentees from tests and examinations.
  • No student should absent herself from tests and examinations without obtaining prior permission from the Principal.
  • All assignments and practical record books should be submitted on time.
  • There will be class tests, revision tests, long tests and Examinations.
  • Any student indulging in unfair practices or caught copying during the examination will be dealt with seriously.
  • Results of continuous assessment will be posted on-line and updated regularly.

Disciplinary Rules


Ragging in any form is strictly forbidden and severe action will be taken against those who indulge in such activities as per the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Ragging Act No. 7 of 1997. Ragging inside or outside any educational institution is prohibited. Any student convicted on an offence under this Section shall be expelled from the institution immediately.

Dress Code

Students should come to the college on time neatly and modestly dressed. Obscene and vulgar dress is strictly restricted. T-Shirts, Short Kurtis, three-fourth pants and jeans are not allowed.

Students must refrain from
  • Coming late to the college.
  • Participating in activities detrimental to the interest of the College.
  • Visit to canteen during class hours without the permission of the Class In-charge or the HOD.
  • Any other misconduct or irresponsible behaviour against the college rules.
  • Usage of Cell phones or iPods in the campus is not permitted.
  • Violation of this rule may lead to confiscation, suspension or issue of TC.
Vehicle Rules

A Student riding two wheelers must wear helmet compulsorily. The two wheeler should be parked in the stipulated area inside the campus.

Every vehicle parked inside the campus must have the college sticker on it. Students riding two wheelers are requested to collect it from the Management without fail.