Principal’s message


“Education is beautification of the inner world and the outer world.” Amit Ray

On behalf of   Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College for Women, I take the privilege to welcome you to our website portal which is a mirror showcasing all that’s happening in the campus. The college focuses on discovering, developing and drawing out the hidden talents lying dormant inside its students. From academics to co-curricular activities, a 360 degree development and grooming is of supreme importance in today’s world. Our institution creates an environment for future leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals who possess skills and aptitudes.  “When we talk about 21st century pedagogy, we have to consider many things—the objectives of education, the curriculum, how assessment strategies work, the kind of technology and infrastructure involved, and how leadership and policy facilitate attaining education goals. Learners in the internet age don’t need more information. They need to know how to efficiently use the massive amount of information available at their fingertips – to determine what’s credible, what’s relevant, and when it’s useful to reference.

I am quite happy with the strides Shasun has made by instilling in its students value-based education synergized with modern teaching-learning methods. I am positive that in years to come, we will continue this journey with elevated enthusiasm and perennially provide a platform of holistic learning to our students.. Helping us bring our aims and objectives to fruition is a team of highly qualified and dedicated teaching faculty. Their myriad expertise strengthens the learning environment of our college. We also welcome a positive and transparent communication with parents as they are the rightful partners in education of their children. I am pleased to share, through our website some of the exciting and outstanding programs at the campus. We embrace the challenges of the future while we continue to cherish and celebrate the traditions of the past. We hope your visit to our website will give you a quick snapshot of life at Shasun College. We expect you to explore our links to find out more about curriculum, programs, and daily events.

“Technology can become the wings that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before-if we will allow it”. Jenney Ariedge