Sl.No Attributes Facilitated through Academic dimension Personal dimension Transferable dimension
1 Adaptability Bridge course  Learn about various discipline and inter-discipline To respond flexibly and adapt skill and knowledge in an unfamiliar situation Dealing with change, multi-tasking and learning new challenges
2 Knowledge enrichment Certificate course/on-line GETTING IN DEPTH KNOWLEDGE in the area of study student can select course based on their own area of interest Helps in enriching the knowledge and make them self-learners.
3 Employability Placement Training Enhancing student in their professional life Realising their positive and to increase self esteem Knowledge, skill gained transferred as employability
4 Personality Development Life Skill Cope with increasing pace and change of modern life Ability to self manage Effecective inter-personal and social skill
5 to get value addition Value added course Exposure to the latest technology development Gaining inter-disciplinary skill to meet future challenges Career building and explore future.
6 For Transformation Asethetic courses Engaging mind, body and emotions Getting multiple intelligence Logical and intuitive thinking
7 creative thinking Skill based courses Equip students with HANDS – ON – SKILLS  Raises confidence and improves productivity Becoming employable and earn livelihood. Creating entrepreneur
8 Team working/team spirit/environment conscious club activities Creating sense of social responsibility awareness on values, rights and social issues Responsible, reasonable and informed
9 Social understanding Awareness Program Knowing what is socially acceptable Improving social interaction Improve social awareness
10 Bridging gap Industrial Visit Learning real life environment Exposure to different outlook of work force Indentifying their own prospective area of work.
11 Enhancing education experience Guest Lectures Opportunity to learn new things Connecting concepts to real life Real life exposure from  EXPERTS.