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Yuva Shakthi Club

YUVA SHAKTHI is a Registered, Voluntary, with an  aimed at the potential of the Youth. Awareness is an important area in which the youth can contribute, so that Yuva Shakthi’s slogan is “Arise, Awake, Achieve ”.

In our college Yuva Shakthi Club has been formed to motivate the youth. Many motivational programs, campaigns and seminars are being conducted to provoke the youth and improve their inherent talents and skills.

National Youth Day on 12th January (Swami Vivekananda’s Anniversary) and International Youth Day on 12th August are celebrated every year in a grand manner and activities are being conducted.


To make each and every citizen of India responsible and strong enough to make him/her stand for his/her nation. Yuva Shakti envisages the motivated, committed and dynamic youth will emerge to provide a positive and effective leadership followed  by Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi.


To mobilize the youngsters to come together on a single platform with a view of entering public life with a positive thought.


  • To arouse the potential personality in the youth.
  • To awake their social conscience.
  • To strive to achieve a better India through better youth.