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Apollo Shine

The Apollo SHINE Foundation is a not-for-profit initiative by the Apollo Hospitals group that focuses on Campus Health across 100 plus campuses and covers close to two lakh students in India. The program is designed to create awareness about common health problems and to enable students to be completely equipped to handle different types of medical/health care situations that might arise during their life.

The program has been mandated with the clear objective of taking the tenets of healthy living to the students and sowing the seeds of good health among the youth of India. Through the Shine Foundations the college will be a part of several activities related to healthcare and wellness including health checkups, awareness talks, life support training, health related events, health audits etc.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the Apollo SHINE Foundation has revamped the program to ensure campuses are prepared to deal with health issues as effectively as possible. The following facilities are available at the campus,

  • Campus Safety Audit by the Shine Medical Team
  • Personalized recommendation and guidelines post-audit
  • Health and Safety protocols
  • Emergency preparedness and First Aid Room on campus manned by an experienced nursing officer
  • Annual Medi-screen for students and staff
  • Health Awareness talks and webinars
  • Shine Card benefits for students and staff inclusive of the immediate family members.
  • In-hospital assistance in Apollo hospitals across India
  • Referral services
  • Covid vaccination

SHASUN Jain College is glad to collaborate with Apollo Shine and working together on this mission to #KeepIndiaHealthy. In addition to meeting the basic and most common needs of the students they serve, campus health-service programs also act as referral agents for students to connect with medical providers, as needed, in the local community. The goal is to help the students  understand as much of the healthcare system as possible so that when they step out of college they  are equipped to make the right decisions to help SAVE A LIFE. At the very least, they will be an authority on healthy choices. They will know how to choose a doctor and when to rush to a hospital. They will understand their body better and the reasons they  should avoid medicines.