Cultivating a healthy relationship with fitness for personal well being is vital for every individual and more so with college students.The college focuses on the physical and mental health of its staff and students and with this In mind the Gym was opened. Not only will it help students and staff to improve their physical and mental well being but the healthy habits formed in college will stay with them throughout their lives. The gym is operational and any staff interested in using the gym can feel free to do so. The gym is in place for staff wanting to be fit, aim for weight loss, general routine exercise and for strengthening as well. All gym activities are monitored by the Gym Coach.

Ms. Sowmya

Gym Trainer

The gym is equipped with good equipment and exercise machines to help the staff with their physique. The college gym is spacious and well aired so that staff feel comfortable to use it. The college on no account forces the staff to use the gym but keeps it open to anyone interested.

The gym coach is available in the college campus to monitor and train the staff with any physical fitness requirements. The coach ensures that the exercise is given according to the staff’s physique and will adhere to their needs.

Leading a fit and healthy life is an attainable goal for every individual. However, they must first be provided with the means to  it.With a gym in their premise, there is no doubt that students will witness some phenomenal improvements in their academics and person.The gym  therefore

  1. Reduces Risk of an Ailment
  2. Relieves Stress & Fatigue
  3. Improves Focus & Attention
  4. Offers a Chance to form New Friendships