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Research Policies


The research policy of the college aims to create and support a research culture among its staff and students and leverage it for enriching and enhancing the professional competence of the faculty members; for developing and promoting scientific temper and research aptitudes of all learners; for realizing the vision and mission of the college and for contributing to national development; for facilitating faculty participation in research and related activities; for providing the required resources and appropriate facilities.

It also aims at ensuring that the research activities of the college conform to all applicable rules and regulation as well as to the established standards and norms relating to safe and ethical conduct of research.


The purpose of the Research Policy is to create a vibrant atmosphere of research among faculty and researchers. The policy shall serve as an overall framework within which research activities may be carried out.

Objectives of the Research Policy
  • To create an enabling environment within the College in order to foster a research culture as well as provide required support.
  • To ensure high level of efficient and effective support system to facilitate faculty and researchers in their research activities.
  • To create awareness and opportunities in R&D among the students and faculty and to create research culture in every department.
  • To undertake research activities and development projects offered by agencies such as NCW, ICSSR and other funding agencies.
  • To ensure publications in quality journals, indexed in Scopus/Web of Science and Indian Citation Index with good impact factor.
  • To coordinate faculty level workshops and staff development activities on research-related issues.
  • To encourage faculty to do innovative research and filing IPR.
  • To collaborate with external organizations for research activities.
Scope of the Research Policy

This policy shall apply to all the researchers of the Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College for Women and for the purpose of this policy ‘researchers’ are defined to include

  • All staff, temporary and permanent, who are active in teaching, research, administration and provision of any form of support to the core functions of the college
  • All students enrolled in the college
  • All mentors, guides, external experts and sponsors associated with any of the research activities of the college
  • All academic and administrative departments of the college

This policy shall apply to all the research and related activities of the college which includes

  • Research activities including basic, strategic and applied research undertaken either for fulfilling the requirements of academic degrees or for solving problems.
  • Scholarly activities intended to expand knowledge boundaries by analysis, synthesis and interpretation of ideas and information by making use of rigorous methodologies.
  • Knowledge compilation and communication initiatives for keeping abreast of academic developments in any knowledge domain such as writing of textbooks, chapters of textbooks, monographs etc.
  • Creative activities involving the generation of new ideas, innovations, hypotheses, images, performances or artefacts, including design in any field of knowledge which leads to the development of new knowledge, understanding or expertise.
  • Research projects of students undertaken as part of the curriculum or for enriching it.
  • Publication, presentation and communication of the research outcomes and related activities.
Research Advisory Committee

Research Committee is to strengthen research and innovation activities by motivating and encouraging faculty members and students for cutting edge research and innovation. The committee facilitates, channelizes, records and regulates academic research, sponsored, collaborative research projects and consultancy services.

Composition of the RAC
  • Principal
  • Vice Principal
  • Research Director
  • Senior Members from each School
    Commerce - Dr.R.Lakshmi
    Science - Dr.B.Sree Vidya
    Arts - Dr.Santhosh Smitha
Responsibility of RAC
  • To create an ecosystem in the institution for research and innovation.
  • Develop strategies for the promotion of research culture among staff and students.
  • Provide information regarding the availability of research funds for the staff and students.
  • Organize workshops and conferences relating to research methodology and innovative practices in research.
  • Publish the research journal Knowledge Economy.
  • To develop methods to prevent plagiarism and to ensure good practices in research.
  • Monitor the consultancy activities of the College.
  • Provision for seed money.

The Research Assessment Committee should ensure ways and means to prevent plagiarism in the research works of the staff and researchers in the Research Centre of the College. The Committee should ensure that the researchers undergo institutional level plagiarism checking before submitting the Thesis.

Term: The term of office is for five years.

Meeting: The members of RAC should meet at least twice a year. (Minutes book should be maintained)

Undertaking Research

Faculty members are expected to undertake research, leading to quality publications, presentations in National/International conferences of repute, generation of Intellectual property with potential for commercialization, socially useful outcome and other similar research activity. College encourages publications in the UGC CARE list which include journals indexed in Scopus/Web of Science/ABDC. Research committee shall be responsible for overall functioning of research activities.

Academic Ethics

It is expected that each member involved in research will adhere to highest ethical standards of research. Highest ethical standards of conduct include data integrity, adhering to ethical guidelines, given from time to time, for carrying out research. Each faculty member and researcher shall follow academic honesty in his/her research work.

Resources for research support

College will extend facility by supporting publication charges according to reimbursement policy, where manuscripts are communicated to quality journals. Such requests will be scrutinized through a research committee. Research director will facilitate awareness regarding potential funding.  The college has URKUND, Inflibnet, Proquest  and NDLI.

Student Research

To enhance quality research output, student mentorship/internship shall be facilitated to encourage undergraduate/postgraduate students to pursue research activities leading to tangible output.