Professional Bodies

ICT Academy

ICT Academy is an initiative of the Government of India in collaboration with the state Governments and industries. It is a not-for-profit society and a joint venture under the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model. It was started to meet the skill requirements of the industry and to generate more employment especially in tier 2 and 3 towns, the rural parts of the country. The organization was formed with representations from the State Government of Tamil Nadu, leading companies in the ICT industry, and National Association of Software Services Companies NASSCOM in India.

With training of teachers and students as the primary objective, ICT Academy has been working through a seven-pillar program in the areas of Faculty Development, Student Skill Development, Entrepreneurship Development, Youth Empowerment, Industry-Institute Interaction, Digital Empowerment and Research & Publications.

The current issues faced by companies are due to the gap between academic and industry requirements.  Having this in mind, and to address the issue, the ICT academy collaborates with various industries and helps the academic institutions to get linked with them.  Our college is a member of ICT Academy and is actively participating in various collaborations with the industries as well.

As a member institution the following services are provided for the institutions. (The following services are provided for the Member Institutions.)

Academic Alliance

AWS Educate – an academic gateway for the next generation of IT and cloud professionals. AWS Educate is Amazon’s global initiative to provide students and educators with the resources needed to accelerate cloud-related learning.  AWS Educate helps students learn about cloud computing by using AWS technology in their courses. The program includes free AWS credits, training, and content for institutions, instructors and students. Students receive credits for hands-on experience with AWS technology, training, content, career pathways and the AWS Educate job board.

ORACLE Academy

Oracle Academy is the flagship program under Oracle’s corporate social responsibility education pillar. Its mission is to advance computer science education and make it accessible to students globally to drive knowledge, innovation, skill development, and diversity in technological fields.  Oracle Academy’s free program offers learning resources and technologies for individual students and educators, and comprehensive computer science education programs.

Centre of Excellence For Women Empowerment

Centre of Excellence for Women Empowerment on Advanced IT Skills by training graduating Women Students

Industry 4.0 is used interchangeably with the fourth industrial revolution and represents a new stage in the organization and control of the industrial value chain. To impart the skill set of Industry 4.0, education institutions are expected to encounter a number of challenges. To train students on the advanced technology skill and make them industry ready, Honeywell partnered with ICT Academy to skill the graduating final year women students.

Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College for Women and ICT academy together tie up in the initiative of skilling women students and make them employable. Final year Students from B.Sc., BCA & B.Com Computer Application have registered for the training program.

Course Coverage

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900)
  • Module 1: Introduction to AI
  • Module 2: Machine Learning
  • Module 3: Computer Vision
  • Module 4: Natural Language Processing
  • Module 5: Conversational AI
Salient features of the Training Program
  • Establishing Centre of Excellence (COE) under the CSR initiative of Honeywell.
  • The COE is for skilling 100 Women Students in Advanced Technology, in demand in the industry.
  • Curriculum is mapped to Global Industry Standards.
  • Global Certifications to the women students trained.
  • 100 hours of activity based and hands on training.
  • The Certificate Program is fully sponsored by Honeywell and offered free of cost to the students.
  • Placement facilitation for students successfully completing the training.
Assessment & Certification
  • Candidates must clock a minimum of 85% attendance.
  • Internal assessments through mock sessions and workshops will be conducted.
  • The assessment will be conducted by a Global Certifying Body.
  • A Global Certification will be issued.
Placement Facilitation
  • ICT Academy has been into inviting corporate of different sectors to its fold for supply of skill resource.
  • Year on year ICT Academy has been increasing its tie up with local and city-based companies for recruitment opportunities of trained resources.
  • Will facilitate placement opportunities for the trained youth.

CSI - Computer Society of India

Our college has won the prestigious ‘Best Accredited CSI student chapter award’ for two years in 2018 & 2020. We have applied for 2021 as well and are in the process of review.

Our students from the computational studies have submitted the student’s project competition in 9 groups & one of our projects got selected from 65 participant colleges across India.

We have conducted several webinars & guest lectures under CSI, during pandemic period and the ‘Machine learning’ session conducted during May’20 was attended by more than 2500 faculties & scholars at national/international level.

CII - The Confederation of Indian Industry

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the development of India, partnering Industry, Government and civil society,  through advisory and consultative processes. CII is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry-led and industry-managed organization, with over 9000 members from the private as well as public sectors, including SMEs and MNCs, and an indirect membership of over 300,000 enterprises from 294 national and regional sectoral industry bodies and Educational Institutions.

For more than 125 years, CII has been engaged in shaping India’s development journey and works proactively on transforming Indian Industry’s engagement in national development. CII charts change by working closely with Government on policy issues, interfacing with thought leaders, and enhancing efficiency, competitiveness and business opportunities for industry through a range of specialized services and strategic global linkages. It also provides a platform for consensus-building and networking on key issues.

Extending its agenda beyond business, CII assists industry to identify and execute corporate citizenship programmes. Partnerships with civil society organizations carry forward corporate initiatives for integrated and inclusive development across diverse domains including affirmative action, livelihoods, diversity management, skill development, empowerment of women, Knowledge enrichment of students and sustainable development, related workshops and seminars for the welfare of students and staff members.

As India marches towards its 75th year of Independence in 2022, CII, with the Theme for 2021-22 as Building India for a New World: Competitiveness, Growth, Sustainability, Technology, rededicates itself to meeting the aspirations of citizens for a morally, economically and technologically advanced country in partnership with the Government, Industry and all stakeholders. , CII serves as a reference point for Indian industry and the international business community.

MMA - Madras Management Association

Madras Management Association (MMA) is a premier Institution that connects businessmen, industrialists, students and scholars, aiming at enhancing the standards of Management Education and Training in India to rival the best in the world. MMA, India’s largest Management Association, is a platform for professionals from industry, government and academia, to bring about excellence in management thought, practice and education.

The purpose of the MMA is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out activities,  and gaining experience  through  career projects.

We in alliance with MMA, inaugurated many Student Chapters and have organized various Guest Lectures, Seminars & Workshops for the benefit of the students and staff members in the college premises.

HCC - Hindustan Chamber of Commerce

The Hindustan Chamber of Commerce is one of thee oldest, professional associations in India founded on 2nd November 1945. HCC is a non-government, independent, non-profit organization, established with the sole objective of promoting trade and investments in India.

Representing businesses in political, legal and economic forums, the Chamber is a key player in the Indian economic landscape. The Chamber campaigns to create favorable business conditions; provides hands-on advice, and conducts regular training seminars for its members.

Its activities span everything from networking businesses to expert advice for organizations in crisis. Expert knowledge is available on a range of matters, from establishing a business start up; to government registration procedures; mobility of resources, and providing general information on a range of commercial matters.

The Chamber offers many important benefits, including business facilitation and networking opportunities, sector committee participation, seminars and conferences, government relations support, social events, commercial information resources, publications, and much more for the benefits of the students and staff members.

ACC – Andhra Chamber of Commerce

Andhra Chamber which made its humble beginning on August 17, 1928 with 35 Members has today well over 1700 Members – Individuals, Proprietary and Partnership Concerns,  Public and Private Limited Companies and Life Members and around 55 Affiliated Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Trade Associations.

The motto of the Chamber is “Progress through Commerce and Industry” the Chamber has always sought the progress of the industrial and business community.

For the purpose of Academic and Industry Connect,  the chamber established  Business Incubator / Start Up Cell & Skill Development Centre and also organising Conferences, Seminars, Free consultancy training programmes, Presentation Meetings on topics of Interest to trade & industry, Entrepreneurship Development and business facilitation Services Desk @ AMTZ for the welfare of the students.

MCCI – The Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry formed on 29th September 1836. The main purpose is to proactively influence public policy and practice on issues which impact Economy, Trade, Commerce & Industry as also social processes such as Education & Health, Infrastructure & Environment.

This chamber represented in various state and Central Government committees Customs Advisory Committee, Cargo Facilitation Committee – AAI, Chennai Trade Coordination Committee and act as a Board of Trustees of Theagaraya Chetty Educational Institutions, Senate of the Annamalai University .For the welfare of the students and faculty members it organizes various seminars, Conferences, Discussion forums on various topics.

ASSOCHAM - Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India

The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) is the country’s oldest apex chamber. It brings in actionable insights to strengthen the Indian ecosystem, leveraging its network of more than 4,50,000 members, of which MSMEs represent a large segment. With a strong presence in states, and key cities globally, ASSOCHAM also has more than 400 associations, federations and regional chambers in its fold  and have organized various Guest Lectures, Seminars, conferences & Workshops for the benefit of the students and staff members.

Aligned with the vision of creating a New India, ASSOCHAM works as a conduit between the industry and the Government. The Chamber is an agile and forward looking institution, leading various initiatives to enhance the global competitiveness of the Indian industry.

Built on the vision of nation-building, ASSOCHAM has been a part of the political economic history of India.. The Chamber has emerged as the ‘Knowledge Chamber’, leveraging India’s strength across sectors in the knowledge-led global economy.