Internal Complaint Committee

Internal Complaint Committee

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) at Workplace Act of India mandates every organisation to define their sexual harassment policies, prevention systems, procedure and service rules for its employees.

Shasun is committed to provide a work environment that ensures every employee is treated with dignity and respect and afforded equitable treatment. The institution is also committed to promote a work environment that is conducive to the professional growth of its employees and encourages equality of opportunity. Shasun will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment and is committed to take all necessary steps to ensure that its employees are not subjected to any form of harassment. To promote a work culture wherein staff members respect each other irrespective of their designation, religion or creed and to guarantee all staff a secure work environment free of any taint of sexual harassment, a policy has been formed.

This policy would help to prohibit, prevent or deter the commission of acts of sexual harassment at workplace and to provide the procedure for the redressal of complaints pertaining to sexual harassment.

Committee Members

Job Title & Role

Dr. Rukmani. S

Vice Principal

Internal Committee member


Founding Member – ANEW

External Committee Member

Ms. Kimberly Zohaib

Head HR

Internal Committee member


Thamarai Kannammal.S

Senior Technical Assistant

Internal Committee member

Ms. Gayathri. V

Senior Administrative Executive

Internal Committee member

Ms. K. Suma

Associate Director – IQAC

Internal Committee member

Ms. Sangeetha.D

HOD (B.SC Psychology)

Internal Committee member