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The Library of Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College for Women strives to provide inconceivable services by understanding the absolute information needs of the community to promote, support and encourage the Teaching, Research and Learning process through acquiring, organizing and scattering the information with communicative technologies.

Library collections

Reference Books
Ph.D Thesis
Bound Volumes
Non - Books (Including Book CD, Journal CD)
Print Journals
E - Books
E - Journals

Library Team

Mathangi Devi P

Assistant Librarian

Lekha G

Assistant Librarian


Our library aims to provide quality library standards to its users. Our vision is to support the institution and its stakeholders by providing  access to the widest possible spectrum of the information resources such as digital, online databases, print and non print materials relevant to the curricular, informational and innovative and research needs of the academic community, to provide right information to the right users at the right time.


Library’s mission is to strengthen and enhance the teaching, research and service to the faculties, researchers and students as well.

The library promotes intellectual growth and creativity by developing collections, facilitating access to information resources, teaching the effective use of information resources, critical evaluation skills and offering research assistance.

Rules & Regulations

The purpose of rules and regulations has been formulated to promote fair access, efficient usage of the library services and resources. Any individual using library services is assumed to have undertaken to observe and is bound by the library rules and regulations as stipulated below.

  • Library is a Place of Individual Study, Library members should maintain an atmosphere of dignity, peace and silence within the Library.
  • Registration –All students are required to register their ID card at the beginning of the semester.
  • Kindly place your personal belongings in the Locker/Cupboard provided in the library, the library is not responsible for any loss of item
  • An Identity Card is compulsory for getting access to the library.
  • Use of Cellular Phones and audio instruments with or without speaker or headphones is strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Users must take care of library materials and must not deface them by underlining, writing or drawing in them by removing any part of them, or in any other way.
  • Library Premises are under CCTV surveillance.
  • Readers will be held responsible for any damage or mutilation of the document noticed at the time of returning.
  • Books removed from the shelves by users, if not required for reference, should be kept on the table nearest to them. Please don’t try to shelve them yourself. Please remember that a book misplaced is a book lost.
  • Co-operation of users is solicited to keep the library premises clean.
  • Eatables, beverages or tobacco in any form are not allowed inside the library.
  • No-dues certificate will be issued at the time of leaving the institute only on return of all the materials borrowed and payment of overdue charges made, if any.
  • Membership card will be issued for all students and staff after admission/recruitment.
  • Temporary staff is not eligible to borrow books but are free to use library facilities during their period of engagement.
  • Fine - Book returned after 15 days fine will be collected Rs.1/- per day for student.
  • Vacation Borrowing- Books borrowed during vacation will be subject to normal borrowing regulations.
  • Inter-Library Loans- Materials borrowed from other libraries are subject to the conditions imposed by the lending library and by these regulations.
  • Damage of library materials - Lost or mutilated information materials on loan will be replaced with the cost of the current edition of the material. Writing, defacing or damaging library material is prohibited.
S.No Category No. of book Loan Period
1. Faculty 8 90 days
2. Research Scholars 4 15 days
3. Postgraduate 4 15 days
4. Undergraduate 2 15 days
5. Administrative staff 6 30 days

users are requested to borrow the books along with their Membership Card.

Replacement of lost books & cards
  • The user is responsible for books in their possession. In case of loss of library materials, the user shall be held responsible for replacement costs based on current market price.
  • Lost library materials shall be replaced within a period of 10 days from the date the loss was reported.
  • Loss of library books and borrowing cards shall be reported to the librarian immediately.
Counter Operations
  • Library counter operations begin at 7.30 am and closes at 6.00 pm on all working days.
  • During examination days, it works from 8 am to 5.30 pm.
  • All books borrowed from the library may be renewed for a further period provided that such books have not been requested for by another reader.
  • However if the period of loan has expired, the user is not eligible to renew the item.
  • All staff shall be required to obtain a Library Clearance Certificate before they leave the College.
  • All Students shall be required to obtain a Library Clearance Certificate before obtaining their Transfer certificate.



7.30 A.M – 6.00 P.M

Digital Library Service

Digital library with an excellent infrastructure has been set up at the Library. Online access to the e-resource like N-List, Proquest, NDLI & etc is available.

Book Bank Service

The eligible students may submit an application to get extra 3 books for the semester in the circulation section.

CD-Rom service

The Library has CDs accompanied with purchased books and journals, some complementary CDs, and Magazines’ CDs and DVDs. CDs will be provided to refer through library systems.

Reference Service

The Library maintains a separate reference collection consisting of encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, handbooks, atlases, etc. The Reference Section facility is extended to the students, staff and faculty of the Institute from 08.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Readers may approach the Reference Desk for any information, assistance or query.

Institutional Repository

Previous year question papers, Faculty publications and other publications of the college are available in the Institutional Repository.

User Awareness Programme

Library provides an orientation to new students in the beginning of the academic year, on the other hand any user desiring to know more about library resources and service or to learn how to use a particular resource like OPAC, e-journals, databases etc. is given training by the library staff.

Document Delivery Services/EDDS

Library arranges photocopies of articles from journals, conference proceedings from different sources that are not available in its collection. The Electronic Document Delivery service is provided to the users during the pandemic crisis. This service is offered within the purview of copyright laws.

News Paper Clipping Service

This service provides information on the current trends and technologies in Teaching and learning process. Besides, it disseminates the recent developmental activities of our college.

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) provides the Current Contents Service, Book Alert Service, etc.


Automated Circulation System

The Library is fully automated with RFID technology.


Library has expensive collections of subscribed and free and open access e-books, e-journals, research papers, etc. Our Library is subscribed to


The main features of the OPAC are to check the availability of books, find loan periods, renew, or replace and also to verify your library account for what is checked out and when books are due.

Institutional Membership

The library has institutional membership with British Council Library and American Council Library for providing prominent services to the users.

Internet Facility

The Internet and Wi-Fi facility is available inside the library with high speed bandwidth connection.

Reader Club

Shasun Library created a Reader Club in NDLI Club

Infrastructure & Technology

Library is fully equipped with sophisticated library furniture, with good ambience and the building is designed to support the Green Library. The Library is fully automated with RFID technology.

External Advisory Committee

This committee supports and suggests  the better policy frameworks for the development of the Library.



University of Madras,

Dr.Mahendra N Jadhav


Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai


Librarian & Head

Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli



The American College,

Dr.Mahalakshmi M


Stella Maris College,

Mr. J. Arumugam


PSG College of Technology,


E - Resources

Print Journals

  • International Journal - 11
  • National Journal - 37


  • Kalasuvadu
  • Wisdom
  • PuthiyaThalaimurai
  • Voice Data
  • Data Quest
  • PC Quest
  • Smart Photography
  • Competition Success
  • India Today (English)
  • Infinit Thoughts
  • Mangaiyarmalar
  • The Week (Tell me why free)
  • Kalaimagal
  • Inside Outside
  • Sportstar
  • Stayfit
  • Femina
  • Women’s Era
  • Readers Digest


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