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Solid waste management is the biggest challenge for Governments world over. Recycling of this solid waste material is a challenge due to the volume of debris that is collected on a daily basis. In Chennai, Urbaser Sumeet is the waste management and recycling collection unit which is an operation under Greater Chennai Corporation. The garbage collected from households is dumped into Micro Compost Centre in burial grounds across the city.

In an effort to work hand-in-hand with GCC and provide a viable solution to the humongous task of recycling of solid waste. Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College for Women signed a contract with Greater Chennai Corporation to setup the Micro Compost Centre (MCC) at Kannammapet Burial Ground, T. Nagar.

The College undertook the end-to-end process of collecting the wet waste from Urbaser Sumeet, processing the waste in the MCC to produce organic fertilizer in collaboration with an NGO “Namma Ooru Foundation”. Following an analysis of the facility, “Windrow composting” was implemented to produce quality compost.


  • To rejuvenate the Mother Earth.


  • By creating and disseminating knowledge in solid waste management to students by providing unique learning and experiencing in SWM process.